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As an accompanist and teacher, my desire is to not only listen to the musical voices of my collaborative partners and students, but also to who they are as people. My training has prepared me to listen for breath, timbre, volume, and emotion; but it has also taught me to listen for the inner voice - in the music, in the poetry, in other people, in myself.


As an artist, I believe art that is excellent, honest, and true can be an agent for change in the world. Much as I would like, I cannot rid the world of evil. But I can be intentional about what I bring to the well; I can work to bring truth, grace, light, and peace through the music that I make

"Raise your living to the level of an art form, and your playing will reflect it."

 - Philip Toshio Sudo


 To "accompany" means to "walk alongside." I love this partnership - this chance to cultivate something new together - and the give-and-take that comes along with it. While a culminating performance can be wonderful, I find the most joy in the journey - in the experiments, failures, breakthroughs that happen in the rehearsal room.


Known for her lyrical and expressive sound, coach-accompanist Mary J. Trotter has been referred to as a 'poet at the piano'. Equally at home with operatic and concert repertoire, she is in high demand as a collaborative artist. In July 2019, she performed Schumann's Dichterliebe with the internationally-renowned Cantus Vocal Ensemble. In February 2018, she performed as guest pianist with the Spokane-based Cathedral Kantorei Choir in their program entitled Spokane Mid-Winter, featuring Morten Lauridsen's Mid-Winter Songs as well as the premieres of works by Spokane-area composers.

As a performer, scholar, and educator, Mary is committed to telling stories of our common humanity. Always excited to share about her research discoveries, she has served as guest lecturer across the U.S. at such institutions as Yale University, University of St. Thomas, Gonzaga University, and Southwest Baptist University.

Originally from Snohomish, WA, Mary holds a BA in Piano Performance and Pedagogy from Whitworth University, an MM in Vocal Accompanying from Peabody Conservatory, and a DMA in Collaborative Piano and Coaching from the University of Minnesota.

“The man who has many answers
is often found

in the theaters of information

where he offers, graciously,

his deep findings.

While the man who has only questions,

to comfort himself, makes music.”

 - Mary Oliver

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